Vector Racer


New track: Road Atlanta - July 22, 2023

A nice new track by danort17: the Road Atlanta road course. Cheers, Harm

New track: Portimão - April 7, 2022

A great new track by Threepwood: Portimão. Happy racing!

Three new loopy tracks - December 31, 2021

Again three great tracks by aardvark with a lot of loops. These are a bit easier than the previous three: Nutty, Knotty and Naughty. Cheers! Harm

Three new loopy tracks - November 25, 2021

Three great new tracks by aardvark with a lot of loops: Loopy, Mishap and Wreckage. Happy racing! Harm

Two Brands Hatch tracks - November 17, 2021

Rallyman has made two new realistic Brands Hatch tracks: Indy Circuit and GP Circuit. Cheers, Harm

New track: Billown Circuit - October 24, 2021

It's been a while since we had a new track. Here is the real-live motorcycle road-race course from Rallyman: Billown Circuit. Happy racing!

New track: Magic Eye - June 22, 2018

You need to have a sharp eye for this one! A new track from Nubby: Magic Eye. Happy racing!

New track: Diving for Treasure - June 15, 2018

Let's go treasure hunting! A great looking new track from Nubby: Diving for Treasure. Cheers, Harm

New track: Crashy Town - June 3, 2018

A tricky new track from Nubby: Crashy Town. Enjoy, Harm

16 new tracks by Strava - April 1, 2017

Well here is something you don't see every day: 16 great new tracks, all thanks to Strava.

Here is the list: Bagen, Bogler, FoxGlen, GP03, GRIndy, LongBeach, Maze2, MoSport, Nov8, RoadAm, RRR, Stagnaro, Strekren, Toronto, Tuscon and WoodsOval.

Happy Racing! Harm

New track: Pawn Star - September 27, 2015

An exciting new track by aardvark: Pawn Star. Enjoy, Harm

New track: Track01 - July 12, 2015

A great new track by mxmstn: Track01. Cheers, Harm

New tracks: Donkey Kong and Triangles - May 17, 2015

Two great new tracks by WiiKiil. One lovely looking track based on the video game Donkey Kong. And one geometric challenge: Triangles Enjoy!

New track: Gilles Villeneuve - May 2, 2015

Another nice track by Chicco, after the Canadian F1 circuit: Gilles Villeneuve. Happy racing!

New track: PB Circuit - April 25, 2015

A nice new track by Chicco: PB Circuit. Enjoy, Harm

New track: Easter Bunny - March 26, 2015

It's almost Easter, hence this lovely track by Witiches: Easter Bunny. Cheers, Harm

New track: Circuito Vector - March 6, 2015

Fun new twisty track by Leonel: Circuito Vector. Enjoy!

New track: Sandy Shores - March 4, 2015

Nice new track by charlesalot: Sandy Shores. Happy Racing!

More Vector Racing - February 10, 2015

Here is a game similar to Vector Racer called Trackgame. You can play locally or online, and it has an in-game track editor. It still needs a bit more players, so go check it out! :-) Cheers, Harm

New tracks: Winding and Mustard Tour - January 24, 2015

Two fun new tracks by aardvark: Winding and Mustard Tour. The last one was inspired by Cluedo. Happy racing!

New track: Donut Plains 2 - December 4, 2014

Another great Super Mario Kart track by Sbeu: Donut Plains 2. And that makes it the 100th track in Vector Racer! Cheers all around!!! :-) Harm.

Update: Choco Island 2 - November 29, 2014

Small update by Sbeu for Choco Island 2. Needed to reset the track scores because of this. Best regards, Harm.

New track: Choco Island 2 - November 28, 2014

A interesting new Super Mario Kart inspired track by Sbeu: Choco Island 2. Happy racing!

Two new tracks: Pretzel and Slither - November 1, 2014

Two great new tracks by aardvark: Pretzel and Slither. Cheers!

New tracks: Wavy - October 13, 2014

A nice new track by MrDollywaggit: Wavy. Cheers!

Two new tracks: Alastaro and Methane Orbitals - April 28, 2014

Two nice tracks by Amoeba: the Alastaro circuit in Finland and Methane Orbitals for the chemists out there. Happy racing!

New track: Koopa Beach 2 - February 4, 2014

More Mario! Koopa Beach 2, made by Ratchael. Happy racing! :-)

New track: Mario Circuit 3 - February 2, 2014

The first track of 2014 and it's a nice one: Mario Circuit 3 from the famous Super NES game Super Mario Kart made by Ratchael. Have fun!

New track: Santa - December 5, 2013

It's not quite Christmas yet, but Santa is here! Another great track by witiches. Cheers!

New track: More Bubbles - December 3, 2013

A very interesting and challenging track by witiches: More Bubbles. Enjoy!

New track: Brno Circuit - November 21, 2013

The last recovered track, also a nice one by SouthAussie94, the Brno Circuit in the Czech Republic. Have fun!

New track: Surfers Paradise - November 19, 2013

Second track recovered from my mailbox, another nice track by SouthAussie94, the Surfers Paradise Street Circuit in Australia. Have a good one!

New track: Phillip Island - November 18, 2013

Found a few tracks under a big pile of dust (mails). This is the first one by SouthAussie94, the Phillip Island Circuit in Australia. Happy racing!

New track: Circuit de Catalunya - November 17, 2013

Panbubo's F1 series continues with another nice track, the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona. Enjoy!

New track: Vallelunga Short - November 16, 2013

A very nice track by pilotavirtuale, the short version of the Vallelunga Circuit in Italy: Vallelunga Short. Happy racing!

New track: Bahrain Circuit - November 15, 2013

Another great F1 track by panbubo, the Bahrain Circuit. Enjoy!

New track: Shanghai Circuit - November 12, 2013

One more F1 track! Another great track by panbubo, the Shanghai Circuit in China. Have fun!

New track: Albert Park - November 7, 2013

One more track by panbubo! :-) The Grand Prix Circuit of Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia. Have a good one.

New track: Sepang Circuit Malaysia - November 6, 2013

One more great track by panbubo, the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia: Sepang Circuit Malaysia. Happy racing!

New track: Laguna Seca - November 2, 2013

Another nice track by panbubo, based on the Laguna Seca racing track in California, USA: Laguna Seca. Have fun!

New track: Brno - November 1, 2013

A great new track by panbubo, after the Brno Circuit in the Czech Republic: Brno. Enjoy!

New track: Points Reloaded - October 15, 2013

Here comes another brain teaser from Downloader, revisiting Points: Points Reloaded. Enjoy!

Leaderboard - October 14, 2013

Well this is cool! Witiches and Downloader both achieved record times on all 77 tracks. That's an amazing feat! Congrats to both.

Ken Whitesell has made a quick rise, he's third now with 28 records.

Happy racing!

New track: There and Back - August 25, 2013

A nice new track by stealthswor called There and Back. Happy racing!

New track: Pipeline - August 9, 2013

Another great track by WiiKiil: Pipeline. Enjoy!

New track: Pacman - August 2, 2013

Lovely new track by WiiKiil: Pacman. Have Fun!

New track: World Wide Web - July 30, 2013

Great new track by WiiKiil called World Wide Web.

New track: Quad Chase - July 11, 2013

A fun new track by stealthswor: Quad Chase. Enjoy!

Two new tracks: Arcade and Road Crossing - July 8, 2013

Two new fun tracks by WiiKiil: Arcade and Road Crossing. Good luck!

New track: Sailboat - July 1, 2013

An nice new track by Rocket22 called Sailboat. Enjoy playing!

New track: Curvy - June 30, 2013

An interesting new track by WiiKiil called Curvy. Have fun!

Two new tracks: Choose and Kafooyee - June 22, 2013

Two new challenging tracks by WiiKiil: Choose and Kafooyee. Enjoy! :-)

New track: Circle - May 21, 2013

A nice and simple new track by SpeedRman: Circle.

New leader on Vector Racer leaderboard - February 20, 2013

Last week witiches took over the lead from Downloader on the Vector Racer leaderboard, with 60 records. Congrats! :-)

Vector Racer Puzzles on Android - February 12, 2013

Vector Racer Puzzles is now also available on Android.

Vector Racer Puzzles is out! - December 18, 2012

Vector Racer Puzzles combines vector math and turn-based racing into a challenging puzzle game. Play all 54 levels in 2 game modes. Collect all 324 stars to master the game! Play »

New track: Ahvenisto - November 12, 2012

A great new track by Amoeba, after the Ahvenisto Race Circuit in Finland: Ahvenisto.

New track: AVUS - November 2, 2012

This track is a bit crazy! Based on a former racing circuit in Berlin, made by SouthAussie94: AVUS.

New track: Norisring - October 31, 2012

A nice new track by SouthAussie94, based on the Norisring street circuit in Nuremberg: Norisring.

New track: Circuit of the Americas - October 29, 2012

The new United States F1 circuit by SouthAussie94: Circuit of the Americas.

New track: aMAZEing - October 25, 2012

Another challenging track by SouthAussie94: aMAZEing.

New track: Mount Panorama - October 23, 2012

A fast and challenging new track by SouthAussie94, after the Mount Panorama Circuit in Bathurst: Mount Panorama.

New track: Silverstone - October 18, 2012

A great F1 track by Estesark: Silverstone.

New track: Road Rage - October 16, 2012

Great corner cutting track by Markking: Road Rage.

New track: Decisions - October 12, 2012

A nice new track by SouthAussie94: Decisions.

New track: Adelaide - October 10, 2012

A classic F1 track by SouthAussie94: Adelaide.

Crash Penalties Update - September 26, 2012

When you crash you get just enough penalty points to make sure crashing does not give you an advantage. Or so I thought. It turns out there is a way the get an advantage by crashing.

Here is how it works. When you pass a checkpoint and crash in the same turn, you are set back to your original position with zero speed. Now if you needed to turn back anyway, in some cases you get a one turn advantage.

As far as I can tell only Artezha and Downloader figured this out. Cheers for them for being so inventive! :-) However, I do not think this should be part of the game and as of now you get an extra penalty point when you pass a checkpoint and crash in the same turn. I hope this solves this issue.

As a result of this change, I updated all scores that (purposefully or accidentally) used this trick. One penalty point was added to all these scores. For the top scores this results in these changes: Artezha loses two records (Il Forme and Shortcuts), and Downloader loses one record (Gone in Sixty Seconds).


Correction on Twister - September 21, 2012

I realized today that Twister had a (best possible) solution that involves an unintended shortcut. Normally I would just leave it that way, but in this case I felt it was better to make a small change to the track. That is why I moved the red checkpoint slightly to the right. You can still use the shortcut solution, but it will no longer be the best solution possible.

Unfortunately, this meant that the 53.644 scores of Przemek Poland, Downloader and Petrov were no longer valid. Those scores have been removed. The 53.644 score of SpacemanSpiff still stands, since he obtained the score without the shortcut.

Przemek Poland, Downloader and Petrov, please don't take this too hard. You are some of the best players in the game, and I hope you'll give the track another go. The 53.644 score is beatable!


New track: Taxi Driver 2 - September 19, 2012

Taxi Driver reloaded, here is a great challenging track from Downloader: Taxi Driver 2.

New track: Hockenheim - September 3, 2012

Great F1 track by Mummy: Hockenheim.

New track: Oulton Park - August 17, 2012

Another nice track by RickSpeed: Oulton Park.

New track: Spa Francorchamps - August 15, 2012

A classic F1 track by RickSpeed: Spa Francorchamps.

Welcome MetaFilter racers - August 13, 2012

Quick welcome to all MetaFilter racers. Never had that many visits in a day! :-)

New track: MetaFilter - August 11, 2012

A nifty new track by 256: MetaFilter.

New track: Rounds - July 27, 2012

Another great track by Mahaft: Rounds.

New track: Hearts - July 24, 2012

A lovely new track by Mahaft: Hearts.

New track: Top Gear Test Track - July 13, 2012

A great new track by HTS: Top Gear Test Track.

New track: Two Ways - June 6, 2012

A nice new track by Maxud: Two Ways.

New track: Tricks and Traps - March 23, 2012

One for the weekend. A tricky new track by Downloader: Tricks and Traps.

Two new tracks: Long Way and Long Road - March 12, 2012

Two new tracks by ElegantElephant: Long Way and Long Road. And yes, they are long! :-)

New track: Spring - March 12, 2012

A beautiful new track by ElegantElephant: Spring.

New track: Spiral - March 9, 2012

Another interesting (and difficult) track by ElegantElephant: Spiral. Tip: you can pass through the walls at certain points.

New track: Gone in Sixty Seconds - March 5, 2012

A great new track by ElegantElephant: Gone in Sixty Seconds.

New track: dots reloaded - February 29, 2012

And another one by Downloader: dots reloaded.

New track: il forme - February 29, 2012

Cool new track by Forme: il forme.

New track: minefields - February 13, 2012

Another interesting track by Downloader: minefields.

New track: Interlagos - February 13, 2012

A new track by Hudson Papa, Interlagos, after the Interlagos circuit in Sao Paulo.

36 out of 36 for Downloader - February 12, 2012

Congratulations to Downloader, who just achieved 36 track records on 36 tracks! So can anybody challenge that???

New track: JM Fangio - February 9, 2012

A new track by Dnase, JM Fangio, which is based on the Autodromo Juan Manuel Fangio near Balcarce in Argentina.

AI development video - January 25, 2012

Working on a new online AI algorithm in JavaScript for Vector Racer. The video shows a step by step path search on the blast track. To produce this result took less than 2 seconds in Chrome, image generation not included. Still work in progress. Watch the video on Facebook, IndieDB or YouTube.

New track: mondriaan - January 24, 2012

A brand new track by Daan: mondriaan.

New track: rio/jacarepagua - January 19, 2012

Check out this new track by Robedslv: rio/jacarepagua.

New track: squiggles - January 18, 2012

Check out this new track by Skittle: squiggles.

New: Facebook page - January 18, 2012

You can now also follow Vector Racer on Facebook.

New: news feed, interface update - January 13, 2012

You can now follow this news through a web feed (atom or rss).

Updated the interface, especially the start page. Check it out.

New: leaderboard - December 22, 2011

Who's the best player in the game? Check out the new leaderboard!

Six new user tracks were added the last two weeks :-). Keep up the good work.

Currently working on an online ai generator. Should be very handy when creating new tracks. Coming soon...

Happy holidays!

New: user tracks - December 8, 2011

User track update! Create your own track, import it into the game and play! Submit your track and it will be included in the Vector Racer user tracks.

Starting off with several tracks from Downloader. Many thanks for your help and enthusiasm!

You can now also follow news about Vector Racer at IndieDB.

Vector Racer included in Mozilla's Web Applications - March 4, 2011

Vector Racer is now included in Mozilla's Web Applications project as one of the demo apps. :-)

Mozilla Labs Game On 2010 finals! - January 28, 2011

Vector Racer made it to the finals of the Mozilla Labs Game On 2010 competition! :-)

Mozilla Labs Game On 2010 competition - January 13, 2011

Vector Racer entered the Mozilla Labs Game On 2010 competition.

Happy New Year! Six new tracks! - January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! Six new tracks to play on: oval, street, u-turn, snake, rack, blast. Enjoy!

Opera 11 - December 15, 2010

Tip for Opera users: the game does work properly in Opera 11!

New: AI - December 14, 2010

You can now play against computer players. They can also give you a race demo.

Parts of the game logic were rewritten. For this reason all submitted score were revalidated. Some scores were updated (finish fraction was not correct) and some scores were removed (failed crash detection when passing a wall closely). In any case, everything should work correctly from now on. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Work in progress - November 11, 2010

The AI players are nearly finished, but they exposed a bug in the game logic, which will take a bit of time to fix properly. AI is coming soon though. I'm also working on some new tracks.

New: info pages, selection history - October 5, 2010

Added 'scores' page, 'how to play' page and 'about' page below the game. Improved keyboard support. Added player selection history.

New: keyboard controls - September 24, 2010

Added keyboard support.

Vector Racer is online! - September 23, 2010

The first version of Vector Racer is available online. I'm still working on the following features: scores overview, AI players, keyboard support, more tracks.

Currently, the game works in all major browsers except in Opera. The Opera browser crashes after some time, and I haven't yet been able to find out why. Suggestions are welcome at

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