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Treasure Hunt 4k icon

treasure hunt 4k

Find all 3 treasures. Watch out for monstrous sea creatures.

Play on randomly generated maps. Check the beaches for buried items that may help you in your quest! You can spot them from your ship.

Entry for the Java4K 2014 Competition (check the reviews), it requires Java to play. Play at Java4k.com »

vector racer puzzles icon

vector racer puzzles

Turn-based racing transformed into a challenging puzzle game. Play 54 levels in 2 game modes. Master each level to collect all 324 stars!

You move from grid point to grid point, and can change speed and direction each turn. Master each puzzle by getting to the finish in the least amount of turns. Watch out for gravel traps and slippery areas, and try not to crash against walls!

Runs on desktops, tables & smartphones! Play »

vector racer screenshot

vector racer

Vector Racer is a turn-based racing and puzzle game. The game simulates a car race on graph paper. You move from one grid point to another and have to try to get to the finish in the least amount of turns.

Play against AI players or against friends on 18 original tracks and more than 40 tracks created by players. Play »

starfighter screenshot

starfighter [preview]

Starfighter is an arcade-style 2D space combat game, currently under development on hold. In this preview you fly a spaceship to hunt down drones.

Play by yourself or together with (or against) a friend on the same computer. And watch out for the asteroids! Play »

Vector Racer 4k icon

vector racer 4k

Turn-based racing at its best. Play against friends or AI racers. Tracks are generated randomly for unending fun!

This is an entry for the Java4K 2007 Competition, it requires Java to play. Play at Java4k.com »

Vector Racer 1 icon

vector racer 1

The very first online version of Vector Racer. Play on 9 track against friends or AI racers. You can actually bump into each other in this version, so watch out! Requires Java to play. Play »

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